Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Instructor- Amy DeLeo Grade Level- sixth grade Subject – Your neighborhood

Title: Wish You Were Here

Brief History / Background-

My neighborhood is Bucks County Pennsylvania. I have been living here sixteen years. What makes this area so special to me is, I live in the country were there are horses, cows and, farms. The special part about living here is that you see all this around you and you are still very close to two cities they are New York and Center City Philadelphia. I feel very lucky to live here. I have the best of two worlds.

PA Academic Standards:

9.1.6.B- Recognize, know, use and demonstrate a variety of appropriate arts elements and principles to produce, review, and revise original works of art.

9.1.6.E- Know and demonstrate how arts can communicate experiences, stories or emotions through the production of works in the arts.

9.2.6.G- Relate works in the arts to geographic regions

Goal- To create a collage that represents your home, neighborhood or culture

Objectives- Students Will-

1-Learn how to represent their neighborhood in collage form.

2-Learn how to use a digital camera

3- learn about collage techniques

4- Learn how to transfer what they like about their home town to a collage form

5- Learn about composition in a collage

Resource materials:

I will show examples of collages that have been done of different areas.

I will show the collage I did of my neighborhood


Digital cameras, 8x10 paper,Glue,Scissors

Teacher Preparation: Gather supplies, make an example, make a teaching board, Gather books on collages


1- Students will take the digital cameras home and take pictures for their collage.

2- Students will bring in the photographs they want to use for their collage

3- Students will cut the photographs and arrange them on an 8x10 paper

4- Students will glue the arrangement onto the paper


Students will clean up their area and put the supplies away.

We will put all the collage pieces on the board and discuss them.

Time Budget:

The first class I will introduce the lesson and hand out the cameras

The second class

20 Minute work time

10 minute clean up

10 minute critique and discussion


Collage- Introduced by Cubists, the technique of creating a work of art by adhering flat articles such as paper to a flat surface whereby a three dimensional result is achieved.

Cubism- an art style developed in 1908 by Picasso and Braque whereby the artist breaks down the natural forms of the subject into geometric shapes and creates a new kind of pictorial space.

Safety concerns: N/A

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